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Book 1 Legacy - Review Taster - Moons & Runes
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Moons & Runes Book 1 – Legacy 

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An amazing start of a series with a unique story, gorgeous characters, wonderful friendships, and a highly entertaining plot. 

The narration by Mary Phillips is absolutely brilliant.

Highly recommended!  

Lavender Jade”


Still grieving the death of her grandmother and the loss of magical connections with her distant ancestors, can Thea Dawson survive yet another earth-shattering blow? Will her small circle of gifted, loyal friends be enough to help her locate a missing girl, face an old enemy, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious cursed amulet?

Thea Dawson is the proprietor of two thirds of the New Age business Moons & Runes located on Craft Park, a very spiritual area in the City of Casslewich known as The Pentacle. The other third of the business, situated on the second floor, is owned by her distant cousin Dr Jeremy Tait, a newly qualified private investigator; currently in a coma.
Moons & Runes: The Case of the Cursed Amulet is the third book in cozy series Moons & Runes Private Investigators from English novelist Martine Cullum. This urban fantasy continues the story of friendship and the spiritual world. It is a book about magic set in the (relatively) mundane world of a New Age store, encompassing contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance, cozy crime and the paranormal.
Who knows where the doors to Moons & Runes will take you this time; where… or when?

Written by Martine Cullum & Narrated by Mary L Phillips   Copyright &  All Rights Reserved.

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