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What You Desire: Anything for Love, Book 1

Adele Clee (Author, Publisher), Mary Phillips (Narrator)

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Sebastian Ashcroft, fourth Marquess of Danesfield, had no intention of accompanying Sophie Beaufort on a ludicrous quest to find her missing brother. Nor did he want to be part of the investigation into her brother’s dealings with the mysterious Comte de Dampierre.

But desire can do strange things to a man.

Threatened with an indecent proposal from a dissolute French comte, Sophie Beaufort is forced to travel to London to discover the reason behind her brother’s mysterious disappearance. Capable of handling her own affairs, the last thing she wants is to be encumbered by the dishonourable Marquess of Danesfield – a man she so desperately wants to hate.

But does love once blossomed ever truly fade?



  • Regency historical romance novel with elements of crime and mystery
  • This novel contains descriptive love scenes
  • Complete “standalone” novel (no cliffhangers)


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